Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about LETS and this website

FAQ last updated: April 19, 2019

LETS (5)

See here on this site for an explanation of how the system works, enquire in the Forums, or visit LETSlink UK’s site for more details – see below for link. LETS are Local Exchange Trading Schemes/Systems. To get an account … Continue reading

Best to check direct with your LETS group, or, if you want a broader response, post your question in our Forums, or ask on LETSlinkUK’s website (if you are UK based). On Falmouth LETS we advise members to check that … Continue reading

In the case of Falmouth LETS see http://falmouthlets.org.uk. What is offered and wanted is visible, but you have to join the group to see who is making the offer. … Continue reading

This site is informational and is not a trading site for any LETS group. Whilst registering on LETS Forum website will let you use some interactive features, joining Falmouth LETS (or any other group) and adding Offers and Wants is … Continue reading

No tokens involved (or ever used on Falmouth LETS) as LETS “currency” is a unit of measurement rather than a commodity in its own right. On Falmouth LETS the unit of account is the Palm. Up to now we have, … Continue reading