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Hi Louisa,

Hi there, I´ve come here to your LETS website as it was highly recommended!

I’m very pleased to hear that…

I´m looking into LETS schemes generally.. and wondering if anything exists to enable people from different countries or IN different countries to exchange things like holidays or stuff like that.. anything really.. but in different countries. For example I could provide camping facilities or astrology lessons in Spain (you´d pay your own fare and transport over to Spain) in exchange for, say, some gardening or tiling work.. that kind of thing.. there are lots of options..

James Taris’s site used to have a section for global “Offers & Wants” but I can’t find it on so I think he must have removed it. However, James stayed with us on his World LETS Tour, and is still worth contacting as he has extensive experience of this sort of thing, and might be able to point you in the right direction.

Its also worth contacting Mary Fee of LETSlink UK:

We on Falmouth LETS have also put up several LETS travellers from other countries.

Maybe it´s too informal for a proper LETS scheme? What about other exchange and barter schemes worldwide, do you know of any? Louisa

See the thread on “Holiday LETS” in the “LETS in the UK” Forum – Brenx’s site is worth looking at if you’re into free accommodation.

Good luck finding exchanges.
Rob Follett – (SysOp)
The LETS Forum BBS, Falmouth, Cornwall