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…I have been playing with a few ideas and for the last few days been considering the possibility of creating a LETS module for php-nuke. So I must admit I am quite surprised to see that it has already been done!

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I looked around available Postnuke modules, and am using the address book module by Thomas Smiatek. I don’t think its available for PHP-nuke – might be worth your while taking a look at Postnuke ( ) – its rather more flexible (and collaboratively developed) than PHP-nuke.

Hehe, I’m embarassed. It was late last night and I saw php-nuke instead of PostNuke at the bottom of the page.

Does the modified address book offer most of the functions a stand alone LETS (Like the Ottawa WebLETS)? Feel free to check the one I have installed out at The user login is admin/test and the admin login uses the password, “password”.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions and the quick reply!