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I ended up using php-nuke because I couldn’t get the postnuke calendar to work. php-nuke has a module called NukeWrap that allows a page to appear in the main frame.

If you end up using the WebLETS you are welcome to the files I’ve changed. Mainly it was editing the html for better formatting and adding some new classes to the css for easier changes. There is one problem I’ve uncovered with it. The WebLETS is different from our current system as well as most I’ve seen in that a member can have multiple accounts. This could be handy if you belong to an organization with an account as well as your own personal account. It can also be used so that a family shares one account.

The problem is when an account is closed. The member can still post advertisements on the account even though they can’t trade. The admin can’t even delete these ads from their menu but can log into the members account to do it. Its not a major problem and shouldn’t be too hard to fix. is the semi-completed site. If the membership likes it we will move it to our current domain at some point.

Thanks again for the helpful suggestions.