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Hi, I just have to saw wow – this website is very impressive

Welcome to LETS Forum, and thank you!

…I have been playing with a few ideas and for the last few days been considering the possibility of creating a LETS module for php-nuke. So I must admit I am quite surprised to see that it has already been done!

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I looked around available Postnuke modules, and am using the address book module by Thomas Smiatek. I don’t think its available for PHP-nuke – might be worth your while taking a look at Postnuke ( ) – its rather more flexible (and collaboratively developed) than PHP-nuke.

I’m curious about how difficult it has been to setup. I’m not very advanced with php and MySQL but am willing to learn.

PNaddressbook is well documented and fairly simple to setup with categories for Directory etc . My PHP/MySQLskills are fairly rudimentary too!

I only came across php-nuke a few days ago but find it amazing to work with. Any advice on the LETS-php-nuke combination would be very appreciated.

Hope the above is helpful – is a useful site if you want to test drive various free CMSs like Postnuke and PHP-nuke without having to install them.
Rob Follett – (SysOp)
The LETS Forum BBS, Falmouth, Cornwall