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    (old post from 29 March 2002):

    I’m just finding my way around PHP and MySGL database programming, and my main project at the moment is getting the Falmouth LETS Directory converted to a MySQL database for online use.

    These languages certainly let you do a lot more than standard HTML, and are less browser dependent than Javascript.

    There are also some great free scripts out there, including this board, phpBB2, see for details.

    http://hotscripts.comand are a couple of great resources.

    Since I wrote the above, I’ve converted most of my sites to the best Content Management system I’ve discovered – Postnuke (see, and have got the online Falmouth LETS directory running via a 3rd party Address book module for Postnuke (see

    Using a CMS has saved me a lot of time reinventing the wheel.
    Rob Follett – (SysOp)
    The LETS Forum BBS, Falmouth, Cornwall


    I was introduced to PHP and Postnuke by Rob and have recently completed work on my first website using this language/CMS. Postnuke is an excellent option if you seek very professional looking results with minimal hassle. PHP is a good scripting language to play with – I would say that Perl looks even better; alas, installation of Perl scripts aren`t quite so straightforward and require a bit of patience before you start seeing results.

    PHP is certainly exciting if nothing else; I am currently looking into setting up an online store with shopping carts, credit card and PayPal processing etc – and yes, all using PHP…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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