LETS Forum BBS – history and info


BBS on the Atari Falcon, 1996

BBS on the Atari Falcon, 1996

LETS Forum BBS (Bulletin Board System) was started in April 1995 as a free to use amateur grassroots community resource, and was running 24hrs a day until 27th March 2002. It could be accessed by any computer with a modem by dialing direct to a dedicated phone line from a Terminal Program (e.g. HyperTerminal, which came as part of Windows 95/98)

The BBS was based near Falmouth, Cornwall, UK and ran for the first year and a half on an Atari ST, and for the rest of its existence on an Atari Falcon Computer.

The main focus of the BBS was information about LETS and other community initiatives, but files available for download also included many shareware and public domain files for the Atari ST and Falcon computers, along with a fair number of files for the PC and a few for Apple Macs and Amigas.

LETS Forum also participated in 3 amateur mail networks. Fidonet (a general interest worldwide network) – node 2:255/126, NeST (Atari ST network), and LETSnet (dedicated to Local Exchange Trading Schemes, and started by myself and Allen Coates of Cider County BBS in Bristol) – node 567:443/1

Message Forums

The new LETS Forum BBS message forums ran from 2000 to 2002 on PHPbb, then under Postnuke on the previous website from 2002 to 2013, and are now transferred and open here on this website (running under Wordpress).

Please note that you will need to register to post messages on the forums.

Rob Follett – (SysOp)
The LETS Forum BBS, Falmouth, Cornwall.