LETS research

Hello, I am a researcher at the University of Leeds studying the LETS system in the UK. I have been working with the LETSLINK UK in order to get some feedback from participants and other people involved in the LETS program…

Your cooperation in completing the questionnaire found on the link below will help me to better understand LETS in your area and enrich my own academic research of LETS programs. The particular focus of my study is to explore the relationship between community initiatives, sustainable consumption, and social networks. I will contribute the results of my findings to the LETS groups upon completion in September.

Please click here to access the brief questionnaire.

I could also send a Word Version if that is more suitable for you. If you have any questions, queries, or suggestions please contact me via email at lec2tb@leeds.ac.uk or by telephone at 0113-2263576.

It is OK for more than one member of any scheme to reply, because this questionnaire is about your own individual experience of LETS.

Thank you very much,


Tania Briceno

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