Falmouth Fair Trade Day 18th March

March 18th sees the Moor being used to celebrate Falmouth’s new status as first Fair Trade town in Cornwall. It is being held during Fair Trade Fortnight, an annual nationwide initiative used to promote the use of Fair Trade products…

There will be stalls and stands selling and raising awareness of Fairtrade products as well as entertainment. Falmouth LETS will have a display there.

For more information visit www.fairtrade.org.uk.

For those not in the know, Fair Trade is a way of delivering a little bit of Trade Justice by ensuring that the people producing the goods receive a better price instead of it going straight into the pocket of the middle man.

Fair Trade products are on sale in all the supermarkets; Fair Trade tea and coffee is available in a number of Cafes in the town and it is easier than ever to do you bit. Bananas, Wine, Chocolate, Biscuits, Cotton goods, as well as Tea and Coffee, of course, are all easily available.

But our Day is not to sell you stuff (though there’ll be things to buy) but to ask you to show your support for a very worthy cause.

We’re hoping to have music on the day (acoustic) especially anything with a world flavour. If you perform – or know of anybody who does – we’d like to hear from you.


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