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    Hi Vicky,

    I have just moved to the south west and am interested in joining a LETS group yet am not aware of the group closest to where I live. I currently reside in Taunton and would be grateful for any info regarding the nearest group to me or whether anybody nearby is interested in setting one up?

    I remember people from Taunton LETS coming to SW LETS meetings a few years ago, but not recently. Ben Barker of Bristol InterLETS maintained a list of groups in the SW up to Jan 2003, but they aren’t listed on it.

    (old details of Wellington LETS removed, updated 2013: check this page for contact details for nearest current group)

    Best of luck with finding a contact for the Taunton group.
    Rob Follett – (SysOp)
    The LETS Forum BBS, Falmouth, Cornwall

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